title iconA Minecraft player is building a playable map that contains all nine Pokemon regions

Cerulean City is the only Pokemon region that a Minecraft player has yet to build on a giant map.TikTok user the chunky hippo(opens in new tab) has been posting updates to their giant Minecraft build since mid-July, according to Fanbyte. "Every Pokemon region in one single playable map" will be free-to-play through the Minecraft Pixelmon mod, according to the TikTok announcing the project.

Pokemon characters, items, and more can be added to Minecraft using the Pixelmon mod, including breeding and training. Thechunkyhippo has been keeping fans updated on TikTok with videos of the project's progress. Watch as the first few routes in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green are built, or observe the layout of Viridian City. Cerulean City has just been completed, as mentioned earlier.

It is a huge undertaking to create a fully playable Minecraft world featuring every town, route, gym and more from the mainline Pokemon games. So it makes sense that the chunky hippo's most recent Tiktok is a call for help. Since the project is "too big for one person to handle," the chunkyhippo is looking for applicants to fill positions including a Pokemon expert, a decorator, a terrain creator, a builder, and a server operator. Therefore, the creator is asking for Patreon donations

As the series has aged and evolved from 2D to 3D, eight Pokemon regions become increasingly detailed. In the original Pokemon game, chunky hippo had to create workarounds for the inconsistencies between the exterior and interior of a building, so you can imagine how much more adjusting will need to be done when working on worlds like Pokemon Sword and Shield or Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Source: GamesRadar