title iconA new Pokemon clone game is available for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch users can finally catch monsters after developers delayed the release to fix cross-platform multiplayer issues. The monster-catching RPG genre is getting a new entry from indie developer TRAGsoft. In a similar way to early Pokemon games, Coromon is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this year, Coromon was released on Steam at the end of March after a trailer and demo were released in January 2020. While Coromon doesn't emulate the aesthetics of modern Pokemon games, it does employ retro pixel graphics and menus that are reminiscent of the old Game Boy games.

Nintendo Switch's release was intended to happen simultaneously but ended up being delayed. In its explanation, it said that there had been some problems with online features and cross-platform multiplayer, and it wanted to release a great game. TRAGsoft was finally satisfied with the results and felt Coromon was ready for the Switch after the problems were worked out for some time.

There is definitely a market for games like Coromon. Millions of players and fans enjoy the Pokemon franchise, from the mainline video games to spinoffs like Pokemon GO, to the TV shows, and even the merchandise.

There have been improvements in the art style and gameplay of the games since their early days. By doing some of the gameplay aspects differently from Pokemon, Coromon can attract players who love the old-school aesthetic of Pokemon games. Pokemon players have long wanted the ability to adjust the difficulty setting to give themselves a challenge.

Coromon is the perfect match for a handheld console such as the Nintendo Switch. There are virtually the same systems for finding and capturing wild monsters as in Pokemon. In addition to being available on PC, Coromon also has cross-platform save compatibility and multiplayer capabilities that could boost its popularity.

Nintendo Switch owners cannot play Pokemon, so players without the console are out of luck. As well as greater accessibility, the ability to continue where your last save ended on either platform is a huge plus. As well as some features that may not be found in newer Pokemon games, Coromon has some of its own.

Of course, some players might stick to Pokemon out of loyalty or because they prefer the gameplay and graphics. Despite some controversy surrounding newer entries, like Pokemon Sword and Shield omitting the National Pokedex, the games still command a substantial fan base, and that isn't likely to change anytime soon. At the end of the day, people can still play both and enjoy them for what they are: super fun monster-catching RPGs.