title iconA new Skyrim player learns the hard way about giants

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, a new player encounters a giant early on and learns about them the hard way.As players progress through Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, they will encounter many monsters. Among the iconic monsters, players can spot in Skyrim are the giants, and many in the game's community have fond memories of their first encounters with these foes. An action RPG player has just found out more about these dangerous monsters, albeit the hard way.

The main focus of Skyrim remains dragons, despite the different types of enemies the player will face in the game. At the start of Skyrim, players are immediately introduced to the dangers of dragons, and their role is clearly defined. Despite how many victims Skyrim giants have claimed since the release of the game in 2011, the community still finds encounters with them both dangerous and humorous.

Geesevillian, who is new to Skyrim, shared a video of their first encounter with a giant. Players approach the giant from behind then back off when the monster spawns its weapon out of nowhere in the footage. Geesevillian draws their weapon of choice from Skyrim, but is overpowered by one swing from the giant. Redditor approached giant thinking it was friendly and asked if the monster would speak with them.The Skyrim community has likely seen many newbies encounter giants for the first time, but geesevillian's Reddit post still garners many views and comments. In response to the Redditor's experience, many comments poked fun at Skyrim's Cloud District, which resides in Whiterun, one of Skyrim's cities.

It has also been pointed out by other commenters that the Redditor faced the giant with a greatsword. The community knew that geesevillian would probably be sent flying by the monster because of how slow greatswords are in a fight.Although Geesevillian's first encounter with a Skyrim giant was not pleasant, the community expressed sympathy and said he would ultimately be able to defeat them once he geared up. We hope the player doesn't become discouraged by this fight, and looks forward to the time when their character is strong enough to avenge the giants in Skyrim.

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