title iconA player from the Elden Ring defeats Geralt from The Witcher as his boss

In a full embrace of the Witcher lifestyle, an Elden Ring fan transforms into Geralt of Rivia and defeats Bloodhound Knight Darriwil with his moves. It may be true that Elden Ring and The Witcher have two very different worlds, but one player has worked hard to combine The Continent and the Lands Between. Their Elden Ring playthroughs, however, are not just based on Geralt's creation with the game's character creator but are actually roleplaying as the Witcher.

Geralt's creator has plenty of competition, as others have created Ciri and Yennefer with Elden Ring's character creator. According to one Reddit user, Geralt is becoming a popular game and I__Mountain__I has gone all-in with its version. Creating White Wolf's signature hair and finding suitable armor for the monster slayer using FromSoftware's tools is one thing, but embracing his play style is what makes it truly special. In the game, players will be able to see Geralt in action, fighting in the same way as the characters in CD Projekt Red's games.

With this Witcher-themed Elden Ring build, you can see how much thought was put into it. Geralt is seen holding a sword in his hands, but another is seen on his back, adding to the aesthetics. Throughout the games, Geralt carries both a steel and a silver sword, and he carries both at all times. As well as replicating Geralt's signs, the Redditor also recreates one using an item.

Although Elden Ring could likely replicate some of Geralt's signs, Igni is the most iconic, so the build should focus on it. The Redditor throws out some Spark Aromatics to use Igni in combat. Tossing sparks in front of the Tarnished deals damage in an arc around the player as they use this consumable. In addition to working great against groups of foes, it can also be effective against bosses, as the Redditor demonstrated in his battle against Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. There is a distinct similarity between the way the sparks are thrown and the way Igni is used in The Witcher 3.

The player mixes Igni-like attacks with sword slashes throughout the entire fight, and they take down their opponent in no time. According to the Redditor on NG +6, this build is equally cool and deadly. Further, by playing through so many Elden Rings as Geralt, they clearly love the character. Reddit responded well to the post, giving the clip over 2,800 upvotes and showering the player with praise.

Whether it's becoming The Emperor from Star Wars, a Marvel hero like Doctor Strange, or a video game character like Kratos, the sky is the limit for creative gamers. Despite hating portals, this particular Tarnished is likely great at combating the many odd monsters in Lands Between.