title iconA Pokemon fan creates a portrait of Pikachu using trading cards

An avid Pokemon fan makes a custom portrait of the series' mascot, Pikachu, entirely from trading cards. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fan art. Others choose to express their love uniquely instead of creating digital art pieces or sculptures. There is a notable interest in creative art among Pokemon fans, who have created a variety of creations based on the Pokemon series.

Despite producing more standard art pieces, the Pokemon fan base hasn't stopped. Fan-produced artwork such as stained-glass artwork of Spheal and LEGO statues of Kanto starter Pokemon exemplify the creativity of fans. A particular fan crafts a portrait of a popular Pokemon using an unusual medium.


In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, a user by the name of pennyroyal creates an all-card portrait of the series' mascot Pikachu. Based on the classic Pokemon video games, this art piece emulates the electric mouse's sprite-based appearance.

Another artist has created a Pocket Pikachu-themed cookie based on fan art. Pokemon cards are a pretty inspired choice to display Pokemon. The dedication to this piece is evident in the fact that Pennyroyal meticulously placed over two hundred Pokemon cards to form the black border of the body, the eyes, the tail, and the red cheek pouches.

It iPokemon fans will likelyreciate the innovation and simplicity in this art piece. Any fan of Pokemon has probably owned a set Anyone who is dedicated enough to see the project through to the end can produce something like this. Many children own LEGO pieces as well, so Pokemon statues made of LEGO pieces may also have become a popular trend.

Over its long history, Pokemon has gained many types of fans, each with its use viewpoints and creative choices. Others create fan animations showcasing a Pokemon they enjoy simply because they are charming, while others create artwork depicting their interpretation of evolutions for the new Pokemon. In the years to come, many new fans will fall in love with the franchise and create their art as the series continues to grow and evolve.