title iconA Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fan creates an impressive clay sculpture made of lechonk

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan make a clay sculpture of the new Hog Pokemon, Lechonk, to show their love. In each generation of Pokemon, all-new creatures are introduced, allowing fans to catch and battle all-new Pokemon. Even though most of the new Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet haven't been revealed, a handful of them has been heavily publicized, including the rotund hog Pokemon Lechon.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan made a clay sculpture of Lechonk out of appreciation for the new Pokemon. A few significant details have emerged regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but no further information has been released by Game Freak and The Pokemon Company. It has been confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news will be revealed at a new Pokemon Presents live stream this week, although the nature of the news remains a mystery.

The user u/tapclay posted their impressive clay art of ninth-generation Pokemon newcomer Lechonk onto the Pokemon subreddit. This clay sculpture fits perfectly into the palm of the creator's hand despite its small size. Besides its dark gray body, it has a pink nose, pink feet, and yellow eye growths. A clay Lechonk sculpture's smooth lines and incredibly detailed ears, eyes, and tail make it look like a 3D-printed version of the actual character model. e  Besidesstill photos, u/tapclay also includes a video showing the creation process.

Lechon clay art has certainly been a hit with fans, garnering hundreds of views and likes collectively. Lechonk's clay Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sculptures are the latest in a long line from the artist. In March of this year, the same artist created an amazing clay sculpture of quality It looks more like a professionally made product than something made by a fan like Lechonk, another starter Pokemon for Scarlet and Violet.

Aside from being entirely made of clay, Lechonk has also been fashioned entirely from yarn. Another user has posted their equally impressive crcrochetedechon version. InDespitehe the vast differences between both renditions, each perfectly captures the appearance of the Pokemon, whose fairly simplistic design makes it easier to recreate, regardless of medium.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet details will be revealed at the aforementioned Pokemon Presents, but fans may be able to learn more about the game by analyzing Lechonk's name.