title iconAfter Season One, Battlefield 2042 outperforms Halo

The Battlefield 2042 game is about to outperform Halo Infinite in the wake of the latter launching its seasonal battle pass system, which has started to outperform the free-to-play game. According to Twitter user Tom Henderson, the two games have been compared based on their current Steam Charts metrics. Steam Charts is a website that keeps track of current Steam users, a daily peak of users, as well as an all-time peak of users. A few months ago, Battlefield 2042 started its first season. When Steam Charts were viewed, the game saw a sudden surge in activity, from roughly 2000 concurrent users to more than ten thousand concurrent users. Despite this, that number has gradually begun to drop off and has been around 6,000 at the time of writing. The 24-hour peak of Halo Infinite remains relatively close at around the same time of day, even though it is pulling around 2000 concurrent users at around the same time of day.

There is no doubt in my mind that both of these games are underperforming when it comes to multiplayer games based on mainstream franchises. In comparison, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pulls a peak of over 800,000 players during the 24-hour period, while Paladins has a peak of nearly 10,000, while it's far less iconic than Battlefield and Halo. The fact that these mainstream franchises are struggling in this day and age of season passes, loot boxes, and battle royales just underscore the point that these mainstream franchises are struggling. However, Halo Infinite has had a battle pass for quite some time now; however, Battlefield 2042's release of their own season pass has definitely made a difference. There is no doubt the state of Battlefield is in some pretty good shape, but we will have to wait and see if DICE's "skeleton crew" can manage to further increase those numbers.