title iconAn impressive Mimikyu rug is made by a Pokemon fan

A talented gamer has designed and made a rug featuring the dual-type Pokemon Mimikyu, known as the Ghost/Fairy Pokemon.There are over 900 Pokemon in the series, so it's no surprise that there are a few with spooky designs. There is no shortage of Pokemon with creepy appearances, from the menacing Gengar to the terrifying Mawile. One Pokemon fan made fan art based on another ghoulish Pokemon called Mimikyu recently.

Mimikyu is a dual-type Ghost/Fairy Pokemon known as the Disguise Pokemon. Among the many iconic designs seen throughout the series, Mimikyu is one of the most unique. A pocket monster introduced in Gen 7 that hides underneath an old rag that looks similar to Pikachu, this monster is relatively small.The design of the game translated well to a real-world object, as discovered by one fan.

User strife_jpg shared a picture of a fan art they had recently completed based on the Pokemon series on Reddit. Apparently, the Reddit user was asked to create a rug featuring Mimikyu, and the results were impressive. Several aspects of the design were replicated in detail in the image, including the full rag of the Pokemon. Using shading, the artist even managed to make the left part of the artwork appear shadowed.

Strife_jpg also shared some details about how the custom rug was made on Reddit. According to the creator, the art was created using a tufting gun. A brighter yellow coloration was chosen for Mimikyu to reflect the color of Pikachu in the series. Additionally, they said they planned to eventually complete the majority of the Pokedex by creating more rugs featuring Pokemon designs.

Several members of the Pokemon community have commented on this Mimikyu rug since it was posted on Reddit. Incredibly, the fan art has already received over 1,200 upvotes on the platform, with many users praising Mimikyu's appearance. As one user noted, strife_jpg gave the Pokemon a brighter yellow color to match Pikachu. Additionally, some asked how much the rug cost, to which strife_jpg replied that it cost $300.

This rug of Mimikyu is impressive, but it is only one of many made by the Pokemon community recently. The pocket monster has also inspired artwork from others. A gamer carved two wooden boxes featuring Mimikyyu earlier this year, which featured the Ghost/Fairy-type Pokemon. We'll see what type of creations will appear next on the internet starring this Pokemon.

Source : gamerant