title iconAn Interview with Milly Alcock, Cast Member of The House of the Dragon

In House of the Dragon, a stellar ensemble cast leads, but so far, it has been easy to root for Milly Alcock's young Prince Rhaenyra. The actress Alcock may be relatively unknown in the United States, but she already has an impressive work catalog. Below is a history of her career before her rise to the back of the dragon Syrax.

As a young girl, Alcock made her first appearance on TV at 14. She was born in Sydney, New South Wales, in 2000. Now 22, she will play the young Rhaenyra until Emma D'Arcy takes over and plays the older Rhaenyra.

The third season featured Alcock

During the events of the House of the Dragon pilot episode, Rhaenyra was only eight years old in the book, but it seems clear the show has changed some characters' ages a bit. A drama miniseries featuring Alcock with fellow rising fantasy star Madeleine Madden, among other actors, followed High Life.

This series is a brutal examination of class and mental illness. Despite the show's licensing from Fullscreen, the company is no longer active, so it is unclear if you can watch High Life in the U.S. Alcock played a supporting role in Season 3 of the crime drama Janet King the same year. With Janet King, you can stream it on the Acorn TV app in the United States.

Director and co-writer Alcock. In her next project, Alcock directed and co-wrote a horror film called The School with Storm Ashwood. The school may be harder to watch than House of the Dragon if fans want to see Rhaenyra commit and endure atrocities in the coming weeks. If interested, you can rent or purchase it in digital stores. It may not be on the list of her most essential performances unless you're on a completionist mission. In the series, Alcock appeared in four episodes from 2013 to 2018.

A work that is easy to locate

She first joined Steve Toussaint on screen in the mystery miniseries Pine Gap, where she and her House of the Dragon co-star shared the screen. Alcock was in all six episodes of Fighting Season's military family drama in 2018.

It is a Netflix streaming service that you can find now, and it has just six episodes, each about an hour long. It is also one of the easiest works to find in the U.S. Fighting Season is available on Apple TV and features Kate Mulvaney's character and Ewen Leslie's character.