title iconAn original Gengar ring designed by a Pokemon fan

Jewelry designer shows off Gengar-inspired ring based on the popular Ghost/Poison Pokemon of the series. In the Pokemon series, there have been many popular pocket monsters introduced over the years. The gaming community often creates fan art depicting these fan-favorite Pokemon. One of the more popular Pokemon from the franchise that gamers like to create artwork based on is probably the dual-type pocket monster known as Gengar.

As part of the original Generation 1 release, Gengar was a ghost/poison-type Pokemon. The spooky design of this pocket monster has made it a favorite among many fans throughout the various generations of games. As recently as a few months ago, one gamer created a piece of artwork based on the dual-type Pokemon's design.

On Reddit, a user known as Royal_Objective_9475 shared a picture of a ring they had made inspired by the Pokemon series. In particular, this piece of jewelry was inspired by Gengar's appearance. During the image, the creator held the ring in their hand, revealing the intricate design. Pictured in the picture are the iconic eyes and ears of the spooky Pokemon, and the piece of jewelry is silver in color. On top of that, the artwork depicted several of Gengar's characteristic spikes.

Additionally, to being featured in a ring designed by Royal_Objective_9475, Gengar has been in the news recently. In particular, Gengar was announced as one of two Pokemon to be released as part of Squishmallows plushes. We'll have to wait and see where this purple Pokemon appears next.