title iconAs Jerry Rice recently discovered in the Tecmo Bowl, he was one of the best players in the NFL

There was nothing more priceless than the look on Jerry Rice's face. It's not every day that you tell a Hall of Famer about what he's capable of - much less a superstar like Rice. Yes, definitely! People who know Tecmo Super Bowl will tell you that if you switch Jerry Rice.

From the top wide receiver on an overpowering San Francisco 49ers team to running back, he's even more powerful and more dominating than Bo Jackson. That's true. For the past 30 years, basements and frat houses have had informal rules against making this substitution. Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments also prohibit Rice from running plays in competition.

Jon Bailey, the former tournament director of Tecmo Madison, the Super Bowl of Tecmo Super Bowl, said: "Wide receiver at running back is a ban for many reasons; Jerry is a better receiver than Bo at running back." "We had a player put Jerry at running back before the ban, and he had about 150 yards on the ground and 150 yards through the air, and the ban was born."See, I never used to do that back in the day," Rice said, referring to screen passes or short routes.

The route had to be run downfield, deep downfield, and I had to get open and make the catch. Today, they are used more as running backs, just to get the ball into their hands."Rice's real-life playing style is probably better suited to NFL Blitz Legends, an arcade cabinet re-release for which he will be promoting and participating alongside fellow legends Dan Marino and Deion Sanders. It was the perfect deep-threat game for NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99, and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition, where nearly every play featured a streak route and a Hail Mary if it didn't.

The play Rice pulled off that seemed to glitch the game he was in, and surprised even himself, was Rice's most video game-like moment. Hold it, hold it, hold it! Rice replied. It may be that they wanted me to run instead of being in the backfield."The ball does drop in no matter what sometimes when you just throw your hands up," Rice said. In the week, you look at this on film, and you think, 'Oh, my God.' That's amazing.

Is that how I did it? Why did I make that catch? ’ And that’s what this game Arcade1Up will release NFL Blitz Legends later this year, a five-foot cabinet containing Midway's three arcade Blitz games from 1997 to 2000; pre-orders are now open, but it's not cheap.