title iconBeach Ball Locations in Fortnite: Where to Kick the Ball in No Sweat

Beach parties haven't exactly been the theme of most No Sweat Summer quests. It turns out that ringing doorbells and throwing boogie bombs aren't necessarily summer activities. Bringing back the beach party spirit will be your next quest, but you will need to hunt down the necessary items. 

A standard beach ball, as well as a giant beach ball, must be kicked during this quest. You can find all the beach ball locations on the map below. No indication is provided as to which marker leads to which beach ball size.

The first thing we need to do is find a normal beach ball. The best place to do this is the beach east of Sanctuary that was strewn with recalled No Sweat Summer inflatables.Beach balls of normal size can be found under this orange umbrella. It's a guaranteed spawn, so if you arrive late and it's gone, you know where to look next time. You can walk into the beach ball and it will move as if it was kicked away.

On the north end of the beach, you can find the giant beach ball just ahead of the normal size. Despite the fact that it says kick, all you need to do is run into it to complete the quest.This is everything you need to know about kicking a beach ball in Fortnite No Sweat Summer. Until the final reward, there are two No Sweat Summer quests left, but there are still a few left before the event ends. Check back tomorrow to see what the next quest from No Sweat Summer is.

Source :twinfinite