title iconDespite 'sextuple kill' lines in Overwatch 2, players are still trying to figure out how to do it in 5v5

The new version of Overwatch drops the 6v6 battles of its predecessor down to 5v5, but players learned that they can still hear the congratulatory "sextuple kill" line. The Overwatch subreddit user ODMtesseract posted a clip of the line labeled 'mildly interesting, and the line certainly lives up to the title. It shows a player-killing six training bots in a row in training mode, setting up the usual line for a "sextuple kill." While that might be a bit strange in 5v5, it is not technically impossible.

It is possible to get six kills in a standard match if the opposing team has a Mercy on it. You can kill four players, wait for Mercy to resurrect one of them, and then you can beat them both for the sextuple award. That could result in a septuple kill, however, there is no voice line for celebrating this rare accomplishment. The potential for a sextuple kill can also be achieved in the deathmatch mode or a custom game within Overwatch 2 - and, in theory, it might play a role in any potential PvE mode developed by Overwatch 2.

We will see if the sextuple kill line makes its way into the wide early access release on October 4, but there is no reason to remove it. It's now effectively a leftover from the original game. The argument could be made that lines for septuple kills, as well as streaks of even higher accomplishments, could be included in the game, however, getting an actor into the booth and recording lines for such rare accomplishments may not be the highest priority for a game that has already been delayed for a long time.