title iconDivision I and Division II Overview of Dota 2's EEU Tour 3 - Week 4

The Eastern European region is so far the most interesting because a few teams are performing better than expected in this DPC. As well as Outsiders and Team Spirit, Natus Vincere seems to be doing well, and they are on track to qualify for the Major. The games of this week were significant because Tour 3 is coming to an end. Let's see what the games were like in Division I and Division II. Even though we did, this series didn't seem that important on paper. Part and RE played some great games, so let's take a look at them. Our first impression was that RE would focus on the late game since they got Medusa in game one. However, Pari made many mistakes, and the team won in 25 minutes because of them. Following the terrible landing stage, Gleb "depressed kid" Zyryanov and the rest did their best to stop Medusa from farming. However, even at this stage, the hero was too strong. Hence, the team used the GG call and focused on game 2. It was pretty long the second match because we watched PL vs Terroblade. This clash is always interesting and unpredictable, but PL usually wins. This happened in this match because RE failed to use its TB while they were ahead. The decisive team fight occurred 35 minutes after the match ended. Running Eaters Esports failed to utilize a 5-man smoke and died, which allowed their opponents to equalize the series.

Team Spirit vs One Move

TB faced Phantom Assassin in the third match of the series after the battle between PL and TB. Despite having a comfortable lead, Rune Eaters lost the match. This loss is painful because the team occupies the last spot in Division I, so it is likely that they will drop to Division II. One of the most dominant teams in CIS is the current TI champion and it remains the main favorite for one of the major spots. The team had to face One Move, a team with all the chances to qualify for the Major, after having pretty much no problems against everyone so far. The team needed to win this match to save their chances of qualifying, but they were unable to do so. The first game between the two started well for OM because the team had Alchemist and CK. However, TI champions know precisely how to counter those heroes. Therefore, Viper, Tiny, and Juggernaut were used. The team failed to perform well in game 2 after losing game 1. Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk and his teammates won the match in 26 minutes. Monkey King and Beastmaster were too strong for One Move.

Natus Vincere vs MG

Natus Vincere is one of the biggest surprises of this year's DPC. Although it had to face some of the best teams in the world, Georgia "Sweden strong" Zainalabidov and the rest of the team stood their ground and won most of their matches. Na'Vi's latest win came against Mind Games, a team that did not look that scary on paper. However, Na'Vi was forced to show their prowess again in this three-game match. TI 1 champions made a comeback and won the next two games. Both games were fun and lasted around 40 minutes. Throughout that time, we witnessed countless smoke ganks and excellent team fights. In the end, Na’Vi's class prevailed, and the team won a critical series.

Nemiga vs HR

There are a lot of big teams in Division II who try to secure a slot in Division I, just like in any other region. Nemiga and HellRaisers were two of the leading names in the division this week when they clashed in one top-tier match. It was HR's first chance to use Morphling to its full potential in the first game of the hero. However, Nemiga tried to counteract the late-game monster by introducing more suitable heroes for the early and midgames. Their good start wasn't enough to win the game. Since Nemiga hadn't lost a single match so far, Vitaly "so bad" Oshmankevich and the rest decided to use Huskar in the series to bounce back. Sadly, even Huskar wasn't enough for Nemiga to win against their opponents. HR won the game with Ursa, Puck, and Beastmaster, who were able to stop Huskar from using his powers. As a result of this victory, HR will be able to secure a Division I slot.