title iconEvil Dead: The Game gets an Army of Darkness update

There are new maps, new weapons, and a solo exploration mode available for Evil Dead: The Game with the new Army of Darkness update. It is available for free today. According to the description: Enter the Castle Kandar map for free! With the mace and explosive crossbow, you can take on the Deadites in medieval style! There are also new outfits available in Premium Mode and Exploration Mode!” It is important to note that the new map depicts Castle Kandar, which was featured in the movie. Among the new weapons are the Mace and the Explosive Crossbow. In addition, there are some cosmetic items that can be purchased for a fee.

You can purchase the Ash S-Mart Employee Outfit and the Gallant Knight Outfit for $2.50 each. In addition, there is a Medieval Bundle available at £6.69. There are three different outfits included in this bundle: Henry the Red's Scottish Vibe outfit, Lord Arthur's Battle Prep outfit, and the Gilded Attire costume pack for the Necromancer Demon army. Overall, it was a good time. Even with its shortcomings, Evil Dead: The Game was a great love letter to Sam Raimi's films. Most of all, it was an exquisite celebration of Bruce Campbell.