title iconFortnite Firework Flare Gun location

Every update brings new items or updates old items with a new twist, making Fortnite constantly evolving. As part of Fortnite's summer celebration, new items have been added to the game. Firework Flare Guns are the best way to get your enemy's position while also showing some summer flair. You can find the Firework Flare Gun in Fortnite by following these steps.

Flare Guns are currently part of Fortnite's loot pool, so they can be found anywhere Rare loot can be found. In other words, it could spawn in treasure chests or on the ground. You should look for places where a lot of loot and chests spawn on the map, like large POIs.

Try searching big POIs like Tilted Towers, Rave Cave, Sleepy Sound, or Daily Bugle to find the Firework Flare Gun. All of these locations have a large variety of loot that will spawn on the ground and in chests. In order to find a Flare Gun, run around the POI as quickly as possible and search as many areas as you can.

In order to complete No Sweat Summer, you must fire the Firework Flare Gun from Tilted Towers or Sanctuary. Getting to one of the locations and firing it in time will be tricky, so start searching as soon as possible.