title iconFour hero changes we wish we saw in overwatch 2

During the open beta, people were able to try Overwatch 2 after Blizzard announced it will be available in October. It included Sojourn, as well as some new maps, even though not every new hero was included. Our familiar names were also available.

Overwatch 2's closed beta was even more interesting since the developers let us try Junker Queen, one of the game's two new additions. In addition, we got a better understanding of each other's roles. 

Some players expected more from the changes, even though many were happy with the changes. Now, let's take a look at some of the things we wish were available in Overwatch 2. In the future, Blizzard might add them.

In a given game, snipers are usually one of the most famous heroes/weapons because they are fun to use. Widowmaker has always been a popular choice because it allows you to one-shot someone, which is oddly satisfying. Although this is a controversial hero, she is very powerful in the hands of those who can land headshots on her.

Overwatch 2 buffs Widowmaker's HP by increasing her damage. However, most people weren't happy with this outcome. Blizzard was expected to add a new ability to make the hero stronger due to her specific playstyle. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Even though heroes don't have substantial barriers anymore, Widowmaker remains an excellent option. Her high skill cap, however, means she will only succeed if she can land a headshot. It's a good thing that the developers kept her movement ability, as it allows her to secure exceptional positions.

In OW 2, Blizzard did a pretty good job with this hero, so before we share our thoughts, let's point out what we like about her. It's no secret that Mei has never been the first choice of most DPS players in Overwatch. For most pub games, she was horrible because she lacked damage and had an awkward playstyle. 

To make her more appealing to the company, Blizzard changed a lot of things about her. In close range, she is even more dangerous with 2x more damage. The strength of her Ice Wall has decreased, however.

Although Mei is more effective at close range, she is not as effective at long range. Although she can fire icicles that do a lot of damage if she lands a headshot, she cannot use burst abilities. While adding this to Mei's arsenal might be asking too much, considering her new damage output, it will amplify her threat. There are now specific passive abilities for each class in Overwatch 2. A tank's resistance to CC effects allows them to have more uptime and be much harder to kill. 

Due to this game's poor barriers, the new ability came at a cost. For instance, Reinhardt's shield is much weaker, whereas heroes like Orisa no longer possess one. Roadhog does not have a shield, so we expected him to receive something that could at least tank some incoming damage. The situation, however, was different.

As one of the few tanks in Overwatch who relied on his massive HP, Roadhog was extremely effective. His "Take a Breath" ability allowed him to heal himself. Unfortunately, he remains one of the tanks without any kind of barrier. In this case, he's on par with Junker Queen and a few other options.

In addition, many of us were eager to see if Tracer would get a small HP boost. As a result, she can do a lot of damage, especially when she is close to her target. Even though she is one of the hardest heroes to master, Blizzard seems to think she is too powerful. Tracer's Pulse Pistols deal 1 less damage now instead of buffing her. The hero will have to take more time to kill her target, which may not seem like a lot, but it will affect her play style. HP boosts could be helpful in this situation.