title iconHarrison Ford & Nic Cage were considered for Kevin Smith's cancelled DC show

Kevin Smith reveals that he and WB considered Harrison Ford and Nicolas Cage for Strange Adventures, but the series was canceledFor his Strange Adventures TV show, Kevin Smith reveals the stars he wanted. Anthology series Strange Adventures was announced by Warner Bros. for HBO Max in 2019, based on DC's sci-fi comics of the same name by Greg Berlanti.

It was never disclosed what the plot of the show would be, but reports indicated that it would feature hour-long episodes featuring characters from the DC universe, chronicling "cautionary tales" about life with superpowers. Although a release window was not specified, Smith and Carrasco wrote scripts.

After Warner Bros.' acquisition in August 2022. Shortly after the studio scrapped the nearly completed Batgirl movie, Smith announced that Strange Adventures had been canceled. When Smith shared his plans for the series, he revealed that it would include an episode featuring Perry White and Jimmy Olsen from DC Comics. Bizzaro, an unassuming Superman wannabe who devolves and takes the two characters away to the Bizzaro world, would have taken the two characters from Strange Adventures. His idea has now been expanded upon by Smith.

Despite not playing characters on Strange Adventures, Ford and Cage would have made great additions to DC in some capacity if they had. It would have been a subtle nod to Smith's original intention for Cage to star in Strange Adventures as Bizzaro, as he proposed his casting in the doomed Superman Lives film in 1998. As yet another planned project for Cage has not been realized, Smith's DC plans appear to be suffering from bad luck. Another superhero role that Cage came close to playing is Bizzaro.

The new comments from Smith might make some curious about how and if he planned to integrate Strange Adventures into the larger DCEU, while making the cancellation of Strange Adventures even worse. According to Smith, he was not permitted to use prominent characters like Superman and Lois, but he had Easter eggs for the two characters at the end of the episode.

By leveraging individual episodes of the show, perhaps the DCEU could have established new stories and introduced new characters in future films and expanded the tales of its poster heroes. However, Smith was unable to tell that story, leaving us wondering what other kooky tales he might have told.