title iconHere are some things we'd like to see in Fortnite Chapter 4 (2022)

One weapon we'd like to see brought back is not only the crossbow, but also the bow and arrow. It felt so good to hit shots with these weapons, as they were both endlessly fun to use. However, they required a decent amount of skill. In either case, they were a great backup weapon to have in your inventory, especially if you didn't have time to reload. It is also possible to main them in order to free up other inventory slots.

Fortnite is pretty good at changing up their map, we won't lie. Over the chapters and seasons, the map has undergone some drastic changes. All of which have brought us different environments, some of which are extremely unique. Technically, this is still the same map as when it was launched. Fortnite is a game with so many possibilities that we don't think an entirely new map is impossible.

The Epic Games team has done an excellent job of putting together some very captivating Live Events, with the most notable ones usually taking place at the start or end of the season. In fact, Fortnite's Chapter 3 season opener wasn't much more than a celebration of the new year and a celebration of the new season. Considering that the Chapter 2 finale was pretty epic in a lot of ways, this is to be expected. We would love to have another outrageous live event in Fortnite Chapter 3 or Chapter 4 when the final of Fortnite Chapter 3 or the opening of Chapter 4 take place.

Boars and Wolves is one of the more exciting and fun additions to Fortnite. It makes for some exciting combat experiences to rip around on these animals and still be able to play and shoot. Getting a whole team on an elephant or even just you on a Griffin in the air would make for some really exciting fights.

Fortnite's seasons and chapters bring new collaborations. As a result, we've seen a lot of collaborations, some duller than others. Spider-Man web shooters and Naruto skins look great in comic style. With the Avengers collaboration, you were able to play as Thanos at one point. We're sure we'll see more collaborations with new chapters and seasons, but we'd like to see Epic stretch its wings. Especially with other games, as there's a lot to explore.