title iconHow to get Wolverine in Fortnite and Wolverine in Marvel

It's back to work for Fortnite and Wolverine, and everyone's favorite Marvel berserker looks better than ever. In Fortnite, there is no challenge that you need to complete to be able to get your hands on Wolverine if you want to know how to get him. You will receive the entire adamantium-plated package when you subscribe to Fortnite Crew in August if you subscribe at any point during August. Fortnite Crew enables players to gain access to new skins, 1000 V-Bucks, and the Fortnite Battle Pass every month.

In case you're going to play the game a lot anyway, then it's a good way to save money and get a new skin every month. This month's Fortnite Crew bundle features Wolverine Zero, a new take on the character sported with an eye patch and the deepest v-neck we've ever seen, as well as the mighty Muramasa blade. You've probably heard the name Muramasa before - it's the name of a famous swordsmith from centuries ago who is associated with many blades in entertainment.

In Marvel's version, Muramasa is an immortal swordsman who created several blades, two of which are integral to Wolverine's character. Fortnite's Wolverine appears to be made of an unknown alloy, which gives him a wonderful red hue. It's also possible that we'll see the return of previous Marvel characters to the item shop.

The shop section was recently added back to the game, according to type, which means players can now buy them. Other Fortnite news: Play this Fall Guys-inspired custom map instead of shooting each other. We also have a guide to the best battle royale games if you are looking for something else.