title iconHow to set the custom crosshair in Valorant

Patch 5.04 for Valorant

Since the release of patch 5.04 for Valorant, the game now gives you the option to give your crosshair a colour of your choosing. The following is an in-depth walkthrough that will show you how to change the colour of the crosshairs in Valorant.

Episode 5 Act 2

Episode 5 Act 2 went live in August 2022, and with it came the usual new content, such as the Battle Pass, Champions 2022 Bundle, and a Competitive reset. These are enough rewards for players to strive for, so they can continue to play the game.

Caught players’ attention

Even though the Act didn't add any new agents, players were interested in the fact that they could change their crosshairs more. You can change the way your crosshair look like by giving it a new colour, or you can copy the look of another player while you are watching them.


This helpful guide will walk you through the process of giving your crosshair in Valorant a colour of your own choosing, answering any questions you may have along the way.

How to change crosshair color in Valorant

It's really simple to give your crosshair in Valorant your own own flair if you want to. You only need to navigate to the Settings menu in order to make the necessary adjustments to the colour.

The procedure

In the event that you are not familiar with the procedure, the following is a straightforward order of stages that you should follow:

Turn on your video game.
When the game has finished loading, go to the top right corner of the screen and click on the gear icon.
After that, choose the Settings menu to access it.
Select the "Crosshair" tab from the menu.
Next, navigate to the Primary tab in the menu.
Select "Custom" from the drop-down menu that is located next to the Crosshair Color choice.
In this box, you'll need to enter the hexadecimal number or code that corresponds to the colour that you wish to use.
Navigate to any website of your choosing and select the colour you want.
At this point, you should insert the hexadecimal colour code that you just copied into the game.


As the name suggests, a Hexadecimal code is made up of letters and numbers that make up a six-digit number. The colours made by these codes follow a format called RGB. 

Set up your own crosshair

If you were unsure about how to configure your crosshair, this guide to the settings used by professionals can help you decide.

Now you know everything you need to know about how to change the colour of your crosshair in Valorant.