title iconHow to Set Up a Minecraft AFK Fish Farm

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Most Minecraft players explore, mine, and loot constructions to obtain materials. Fishing is a significantly easier way to obtain food and enchanted things in Minecraft. You can easily complete much of Minecraft by fishing. You'll need the patience to fish with this system. 

AFK fish farm in Minecraft. All of this can be done easily with an AFK fish farm in Minecraft. Unbelievable? Nope. So let's do it!

Minecraft AFK fish farm concepts this post covers two Minecraft AFK fish farm concepts. One is simpler and gets you fewer goods, while the other helps you obtain uncommon items. Use the chart to find your playstyle. Different kinds of Minecraft AFK fish farms

There are two kinds of AFK fish farms in Minecraft

One-Block Farm: It's easy to make these fish farms, and they only need one source of water to work. It can only be used to get fish, experience orbs, and do some common things.

Walled Farm: This type of fish farm is a little harder to set up. You can, however, collect fish, experience orbs, magical books, tools, and other things. How Does AFK Fish Farm for Treasured Items Work

Treasure loot you can now use this AFK fish farm in Minecraft to get treasure loot automatically. Just stand on the pressure plate under the trapdoors. Then, with a fishing rod equipped, you have to aim at the sign and repeatedly right-click or press the secondary action key. If you can, unplug your controller or mouse so that the movement is really "away from the keyboard.

Sculk sensor

The fishing rod will go up because of the bubbles, but it will stay in the water because of the boats. If you put something on the rod, it will make a vibration that the Sculk sensor can pick up. This will make the Sculk sensor open the iron trapdoor, which will cause the item to fall off the rod. Lastly, the item you disconnected will float into a system where you can pick it up later.

Which AFK Fish Farm Will You Make in Minecraft?

Fishing has always been portrayed in Minecraft as something that takes a lot of time and effort to do well. But now that you have two of the best designs for AFK fish farms, you can use Minecraft's water to get all the resources you need. Even so, this farm isn't as good as many others for getting XP. 

Good loot in Minecraft, an Enderman farm

So, if you want to level up and get good loot in Minecraft, an Enderman farm might be a better idea. But you should only do it on the best Minecraft 1.19 speed-running seeds so you don't have to go through the long process of traveling. So, out of the two fish farms, which one are you going to make? Tell us below in the comments