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With a simple yet effective kit, Blitzcrank has maintained a prominent presence in League of Legends for over a decade. Despite being easy to use, he can be challenging to master for both new and experienced support players. In contrast, Mythic items have not been as helpful to engage and tank supports as they have been to mages and enchanters.

There are only a few optimal builds for Locket of the Iron Solari and Evenshroud, which can take some time to get used to. As a result, some players will even avoid using support-oriented Mythic items on these champions, as they consider that these items are more valuable than those designed for champions in other lanes.

In this sense, Blitzcrank's optimal build has evolved from experimentation to a more set path as an engagement champion, only fluctuating according to the player's tankiness preferences.

Despite the lack of efficient options other than the standard build, Blitzcrank's overwhelming presence can catch many players off guard, making him an excellent pick for aggressive players. As a result of a complete overhaul of the Glacial Augment keystone, it makes a very good option for champions with multiple crowd control options in their kit, such as Blitzcrank.

As soon as Blitzcrank immobilizes or knocks up an enemy champion during Glacial Augment's cooldown period, Three rays of ice will be generated from the immobile champion. Exhausts enemies who step on the ice by temporarily reducing their attack speed and damage. Brushes are Blitzcrank's favorite.

The Blitzcrank can easily hook unsuspecting enemies by waiting for them to walk across brushes he's seated in. But Blitzcrank can advance his strategy even further by bringing Hextech Flashtraption, which grants him Hexflash on cooldown. This will allow Blitzcrank to reposition himself to take down an enemy from a better angle after a brief charge period.

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The mana costs in Blitzcrank are notoriously high at all times. Blitzcrank is incredibly weak in lane if one Q isn't enough to catch an enemy at all ranks. While Biscuit Delivery contributes to Blitzcrank's mana issue, it remains a problem throughout the game.

Blitzcrank's summoner spells and active effects of items that have this rune are slightly reduced in cooldown time. This will have a larger impact later in the game, but it will also decrease Blitzcrank's Flash and Ignite/Exhaust cooldowns, so he can catch unprepared enemies off guard.

Blitzcrank will be exponentially better at the landing phase if he can gain tankiness early on. As a melee champion, Blitzcrank struggles to deal with poke damage, which is one of the most predominant factors in bot lane compositions at present. When champions attack Blitzcrank multiple times in succession.

Bone Plating protects him from a small amount of damage, but it takes a rather long time to apply. As with poke damage in the bot lane, both supports and some ADCs can use crowd control to mitigate the effectiveness of Blitzcrank. To deal with crowd control efficiently, Blitzcrank unflinching gives him a small but important amount of tenacity.

The Relic Shield is the preferred support item over Steel Shoulderguards because Blitzcrank deals AP damage with all of his abilities. In addition to providing both him and his ADC with the full amount of gold, this item lets Blitzcrank execute minions below a certain threshold.

With enough gold, Blitzcrank will be able to transform and place more wards. Whenever damage from enemy pokes becomes a problem, players should bring health potions. He also has a passive that provides him with a shield when he's at low health, making him a better champion than most. However, players should remain cautious, especially if they are not building tanks.

The W speed ups Blitzcrank for a short time then slows him down. When Blitzcrank is trying to escape, this can be detrimental, but when he is placing wards and ganking other lanes, it can be useful. Wards are usually carried on him as a support, to keep an eye on the enemy jungle.

As a pseudo-tank, Blitzcrank should choose a Mythic item based on their desire to be more aggressive in team fights. As Blitzcrank has no way to shield or heal allies naturally in his kit, Locket of the Iron Solari gives him the ability to shield all nearby allies.

While Shurelya's Battlesong boosts speed, Blitzcrank can't use its passive since it lacks shielding abilities. The item's passive gives him and nearby allies a massive speed buff. Bl it cranks remains one of the best users of Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence, items that once played a crucial role in susupportinghampions development.

Blitzcrank grants buffs to allies when they link to it for immobilizing enemies and taking damage from them. While Blitzcrank's power increases as soon as an enemy is immobilized, Zeke's Convergence gives it more power quickly.

Mobility Boots can negate Blitzcrank's self-sabotaging part of his W. During out-of-combat movement, these boots give Blitzcrank great roaming potential that he can use to get allies in other lanes ahead or to save an ally in danger.

 While blocking a large amount of damage aimed at Blitzcrank, this powerful-yet-expensive item reduces the attack speed of enemies in his immediate vicinity. However, what makes this item so powerful is the 400 mana it grants upon completion, allowing Blitzcrank to use his abilities more often and to build a larger passive shield.

These three items can be used to fill the last item slot, depending on the composition of the enemy team and the current state of the game. In tanky builds, Thornmail should sabotage enemies' efforts and inflict Grievous Wounds while sabotaging their attempts.

Besides giving Blitzcrank a solid amount of magic resistance, Force of Nature also gives him additional movement speed that stacks with his boots. With no direct means of supporting his allies, Blitzcrank can take Redemption to gain access to a team-wide heal that synergizes well with his Mythic item. Also, he can regenerate some mana to mitigate the burden of his oppressive mana requirements.