title iconIn response to criticism over past political views, Dream responds

A Twitch streamer has brought up Dream's political beliefs in response to a YouTube content creator's response to the streamer. There seems to be an endless list of drama and controversies surrounding YouTube content creator Dream. Throughout social media, he shares a lot about his life as a young, incredibly successful YouTuber. In turn, this brings new Dream controversies into the mix, creating a frustrating cycle.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Dream responded to HasanAbi's tweet that prompted him to discuss his past political views. A bizarre situation began when Hasan tweeted about a stream involving Kickboxer, Big Brother star, and alleged sexual assaulter Andrew Tate. In response to Hasan's tweet, Dream took a sarcastic, mocking, and meme-filled approach regarding women being attracted to Tate's "top g energy." The already heated topic led to Dream being attacked for simply responding.

The dream was irritated by one response, however. A dream is accused of being a "closeted republican" who probably likes Tate. A dream is said to be a supporter of Donald Trump based on Reddit posts associated with the YouTuber and various social media posts some describe as racist. In response, Dream first responded with more sarcasm, and then addressed the accusation more seriously.

According to Dream, the Twitter user is only calling him a closet Republican because they have "doxed Reddit posts from when I was 15 and couldn't even vote." He then elaborates, saying he is "sick" of the take and that he still has those views on display. His next comment is to let people change their views from when they were kids. To put it another way, he says people should let go of their "hate" and think logically.

It's not clear where Dream's political views lie at the moment, but he certainly doesn't owe that to anyone, much less someone who targets him online. There is at least some indication that he is rejecting his past views of support for Donald Trump and other controversial political and cultural views. It is important to him that he be allowed to change his views. Along with his sarcasm, he also touts his community's support for women, homosexuals, and abortion.

Overall, Dream's conversation on Twitter is another example of the kinds of small dramas he tends to get himself into. In response to a controversial subject, he responds to a random Twitter user who brings up a completely different controversy. At these moments, it's important to keep in mind that Dream is still 22 and only grows in popularity through these situations. After all, YouTube algorithms love controversy.