title iconIn The Last of Us Part 1, the Giraffe Scene is updated with haptic feedback

This DualSense feature was updated with other Haptic feedback improvements in the Last of Us Part 1 giraffe scene.This franchise seems like it is doomed to continue causing controversy. Obviously, the leaks leading up to The Last of Us Part 2 were much worse, destroying a crucial scene that set the scene for the rest of the game, but The Last of Us Part 1 has been no less controversial. 

Despite The Last of Us Remastered's success, many had questioned whether this remake was even necessary, and now many debates whether it is worth $70.It has been accused of being a cash grab, even with what has been shown. There is no doubt that the game is a recreation of The Last of Us from the ground up, but the leak-leading-to-a rushed announcement hasn't helped either. Even so, there are plenty of improvements to look forward to.

Besides graphical improvements, the PS5 DualSense includes Haptic Feedback, among other features. A workbench with various new animations for Joel's weapon and equipment is said to be available in The Last of Us Part 1. In a variety of moments, such as jumping, landing, combat, and so on, this feature will enhance the immersion, but one moment stands out more than the others.

There is a memorable scene in the last game where Joel and Ellie discover a pack of giraffes and get to pet one. Whenever the player pets the giraffe, the DualSense will emit a light reverb to mimic the sensation of being in contact with the creature. Rather than gritty realism, it's an immersive moment of peace.

A recent Last of Us Part 1 trailer featured Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann explaining the importance of haptic feedback. The Last of Us is about that, according to me. Moments of high tension, moments of low tension, and all of it feeling grounded. With the PS5, you feel immersed in this world. This is what the new technology allows."As well as other PS5 improvements, these features will make The Last of Us Part 1 better and more immersive. As September approaches, fans will learn more soon enough.