title iconIntroducing Street Fighter 6's alternate roster costumes

In Street Fighter 6, Capcom reveals a number of alternate costumes, including classic styles for veterans.In 2023, Capcom is expected to release Street Fighter 6. A number of improvements have been made to the previous game in this sixth mainline entry in a long-running franchise. Street Fighter 6's early previews impressed a lot of fans and critics, along with the announcement of highly requested features such as rollback netcode and crossplay between consoles and PCs.

In addition to returning characters from the series, the game will also introduce new characters.Street Fighter 6 will feature series staples such as Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile. In this game's World Tour mode, Luke, a character introduced in the last season of Street Fighter 5's DLC, will be featured alongside Jamie, a new character with a drunken breakdancing style. There are new designs for each of the regulars reflecting the time that has passed since the last game, such as Ryu having a beard and getting a new gi, or

The new threads Chun-Li is wearing. There are no alternate costumes available for each of the characters introduced so far by Capcom.As part of the Street Fighter 6 reveal, Capcom gave the veterans their iconic classic looks from the series. In contrast to Chun-Li's more graceful and golden bands in 6, Chun-Li's classic qipao has spikey wristbands. With a clean-shaven look, Ryu wears his iconic white martial arts gi. In Street Fighter 2, Guile's uniform will also be available as an alternate costume, where he has shaved his stubble as well.

Luke and Jamie will also receive alternate costumes, with Luke getting a completely new outfit. He wears a tan camouflage jacket, ripped jeans, and a leg-strapped pack. In addition, he adds some blue streaks to his hair and shoes to his feet. A pair of red shoes, a puffy yellow jacket, and a pair of black sweats complement Jamie's break dancing fighting style.

As more characters get classic or new looks, it's likely there will be more costumes in the future. The leaked roster of Street Fighter 6 indicates that some returning characters will receive a costume based on their classic appearance. It should be easy for players to play a certain character if they don't like their redesign or alternative options for the new characters.