title iconKaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez of 'The Challenge' Reveal Future Interaction Plans and Consider the Future of Children

The next step would be marriage happy in love! Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez, alums of The Challenge, are coming closer as a couple, with a marriage and a baby on the horizon."We've discussed it extensively.

Obviously, the next step would be marriage," Gonzalez, 33, revealed solely to Us Weekly at the 2022 VMAs on Sunday, August 28. "Of course, there were young kids, which, of course, will indeed arrive with IVF and all of that." So that's something we'll certainly look into eventually, and we're really excited about our long-term relationship with each other.

During season 5

Even so, the twosome ignited romantic rumors two years later when they began showing pics together on Instagram. Clark and Gonzalez met during season 35 of The Challenge: Total Craziness in 2019 when Clark had already been dating Tayler Jimenez.

Season 37Following Clark's victory on The Challenge season 37 in Dec. 2021, the Big Brother alum took to Twitter to devote the good news to her partner.

Making it to the season's end with you was everything. Thank you for being my passenger. "The toughest part I had to deal with during this season was going up against you during elimination," she posted on Instagram. "You are one badass candidate; I hope we never have to go through it again." Thanks for inviting me to this treasure, @challengemtv.

During their time on Spies

Despite having to go head-to-head in the finale, the pair's bond grew stronger during their time on Spies, Lies, and Allies. "Before we met, we had completed three seasons of The Challenge together." So we were very good friends, and in that way, we kind of set the tone for our relationship," Gonzalez told Us on Sunday. 

 Gonzalez told Us on Sunday Then just being together and bringing it to the outside world wasn't such a difficult transition. So, truthfully, I think it's like we get to encounter our real lives around each other - our family members and our real friends. And then we get to do crazy things like start competing in the challenging task, which is really cool.