title iconMadison-inspired games to play

The occult, puzzles, and photography! There is nothing more exhilarating than a journey through the horrifying dwellings that surround the mystery of Luca and the impending demonic possession he is expected to undergo.

Madison is a real treat filled with puzzles, visions, and tense sequences that will keep you captivated even after the credits roll. First-person psychological horror brings a fresh and mysterious touch to the genre, so you're bound to be captivated.

Outlast 2

The game puts you in the shoes of Blake, who crashes somewhere in Arizona and searches for his wife with a camera in hand. It consists of combating violent cult members, increasingly intense hallucinations, and a steadily draining camera battery that always threatens when you need it most.

Temple Gate is the perfect place to experience what it would be like to sneak through a village hell-bent on preparing for the end times. An investigative journalist's life is full of joys.

Witching Hour

It is largely determined by your decisions throughout the game that determines Witching Hour's five different endings. Having just been abruptly abandoned by the tenant you were renting out your worse-for-wear family home, you start by going there. There is eventually a crucifix on a door in the home, and chains keep it closed, so that's a promising start.

Through puzzle-solving and confrontation, you will learn about the town's powerful witchcraft. Whenever we read from a book, the Mummy tells us, "you must not read from the book!". The protagonist of Witching Hour breaks this sacred rule, and you get to enjoy this quick horror adventure as a result.


Every level of Devour features a different setting and antagonist from a different period of a cult's history. It is said that the Watchers of Azazel abandoned their former lives to worship Azazel. It is only natural for him to attempt to unleash his wrath upon the world by possessing the cult's leader.

Performing a ritual together with three other friends will stop this great evil. The cult members will be tarnished now, but it's all worth it since the fate of the world is at stake. Azazel will likely continue to find new hosts in the future, so you can expect more updates on the story.

Resident Evil Village

There are always going to be massive and imposing villains in Resident Evil, and this entry doesn't disappoint in that regard despite otherwise being quite a departure.

In addition to puzzles, you must also deal with the various abominations in this game. It's going to be frightening to try and find your missing child as you encounter bioterrorism, gigantic vampire ladies, fish men, and saves that are few and far between. In Biohazard, Ethan Winters already went through a lot.


Visage is another psychological horror indie game that has cemented itself into the horror gaming scene. Even though it is terrifying, it is pretty beautiful. Additionally, it's included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Throughout the game, there are many puzzles to solve, which can be challenging due to the scares and relentlessly tense atmosphere. When you try to figure out why you're being tormented by ghosts in this deserted house, things get surreal.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Despite being only a decade old, Amnesia: The Dark Descent has become a horror classic. Hostile creatures are lurking around every corner, but you must also contend with the darkness and your sanity.

Despite the scares you must face to reach the end, it takes you through a story worth finishing. Those who enjoyed Madison's narrow halls, perception shifts, and the troubled protagonist will enjoy this.

Alien: Isolation

It is rare for a game to create such a sense of dread as Alien: Isolation does. It's your job to take on the role of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the iconic Ellen Ripley. In searching for your long-lost mother, you are decidedly more vulnerable despite your badass lineage.

It is also imperative that you avoid getting captured by the Xenomorph as you traverse less-than-friendly space stations. In addition to the Xenomorph's AI learning from your behavior, the game's cinematic storytelling makes it even more challenging to stick with one strategy.

The Backrooms 1998

Taking inspiration from popular creepypasta The Backrooms, The Backrooms 1998 expands on its expansive lore. The objective is simple - hide, explore, and escape. These tasks are naturally difficult because of stamina, entities, and puzzles.

There are plenty of games based on The Backrooms, but this one stands out for its use of claustrophobia and tension to enhance jumpscares and the gnawing feeling of liminal space. Located-footage horror that also listens to your microphone. 

Layers Of Fear

A unique psychological horror experience is created by Layers of Fear. The game is just like Madison in that it creates clever scares and interesting ways of changing up the gameplay at unexpected moments.

Exploring your protagonist's story helps you understand why you've reached this state of near-mania. Keep falling down the rabbit hole as you encounter dark themes, ever-changing locations, and doors you don't want to open.

Martha Is Dead

There's nothing like a psychological horror game to get under your skin like Martha Is Dead. Amid war and loss, it's an extremely grim setting. There are moments in the game that are hard to swallow, but its visuals are genuinely captivating, and the gameplay is deeply engaging.

Be prepared for this one if you thought Madison was already too brutal. Even the PS4 version is censored, so prepare yourself for six to ten hours of unsettling gameplay.