title iconMiles Morales's Spider-Man: The Bug shows the player gliding into a subway train in a funny way

While Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a very polished experience, there are sometimes bugs, including one linked to the subway system.Although Spider-Man: Miles Morales will soon be joining the original Marvel Spider-Man on PC, many are still enjoying the game on PlayStation consoles. In the case of one Spider-Man: Miles Morales fan, however, a bug kept him from swinging through New York's streets.

The Miles Morales character model bugged out in the original Marvel's Spider-Man, as well as his standalone game. The most prominent glitch was seen close to launch when the young hero turned into random objects around the city. Occasionally, Miles develops super speed, or his costumes malfunction even though he no longer becomes a brick or a streetlight.

However, the latest Spider-Man: Miles Morales glitch does not affect transformations or cosmetics but rather swinging and traversal. It looks like some of the typical gameplay that fans have come to expect from Spider-Man: Miles Morales, according to a Reddit clip posted by blue-soda. After about 10 seconds of swinging, the bug appears.

Because the Redditor landed on the railing surrounding the subway train rather than flat ground, Miles enters a different animation before jumping onto the train - possibly causing the bug. A player attempting to jump off and run on its side instead gets sucked into the moving train. Due to all the doors being closed, Miles has no option but to continue riding through New York City's streets. However, since they could fast travel to safety, this bug is ultimately harmless.

The footage of this funny bug was clearly watched by many Spider-Man: Miles Morales fans, as it received over 800 upvotes. A Reddit user named dat0neb0i expressed his appreciation for Insomniac's attention to detail. Although players never step foot inside the subway train, the interior is fully modeled. Fans seem just as impressed as they were when they discovered Peter's hidden web shooters although it could be a leftover asset from the first game.

When Spider-Man's traversal abilities are among the most iconic of any superhero, it is funny to see Miles choose to ride the subway instead. The player that encountered the bug and those who spotted the clip online had a lot of fun despite many bugs in video games negatively impacting the player experience.