title iconMinecraft teleportation instructions for consoles and PCs

As much as Minecraft's popularity has continued to grow, there's no sign that it's ever going away, and the long-running game remains just as popular as it ever has been - and people can't get enough blocks if they don't play it! As a result of the constant creation of new reasons to return to it, one of the reasons it remains popular is that it never ceases to offer us new things to do. There is never a moment when something new isn't happening. What if you wanted to teleport in Minecraft, but didn't know how? Before we get into the details of how to cheat in Minecraft, let's talk about how to cheat!

It is important that I make one point clear to you before I proceed any further.  First of all, if you have a strong antagonism towards cheating, then teleporting might not be the best course of action for you, as you will have to use cheats in order to do so. Whenever you cheat in a game, any achievements and trophies that you can earn will be negated. This is an important thing that is becoming more and more common among cheaters, especially for those of you who love chasing achievements and trophies.