title iconMultiVersus, the fighting game from Warner Bros. gets an open beta this month

There has been quiet hype beginning to build up around Warner Bros. ' fighting game Multiversus for the last six or so months thanks to some impressive trailers and a closed alpha test that has impressed the few people who have taken part in it. There has been an announcement that a full open beta will be available on the 26th of July, making things a bit more open. It is going to be available to absolutely anyone who wants to play, and it will also be available on just about every platform out there - the PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, as well as the PC.

The beta is set to start on 19 July, but anyone who participated in the closed alpha will have access to the beta straight away as well. It will also be available through Twitch drops for other players as well if you are impatient enough to wait. Players will be able to carry forward any progress they make in the game during the beta period into the full release, which is always a nice bonus to have, based on the announcement. There is a vast array of characters from WB's various properties, ranging from Batman to Game of Thrones to Scooby Doo, thrown together in matches that will evoke the legend of Super Smash Bros. When they come out properly, many will also feature voice actors from their original show or movie, making it hopefully a really fun and authentic experience.