title iconNew Pokemon Shiny Versions Designed by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fans

The Shiny version of the newest Pocket Monsters for Generation 9 is shown here by a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan. The Pokemon series revolves around collecting all the pocket monsters. Because every Generation contained different creatures, trading was encouraged, resulting in the game's multiplayer system. Since Red and Blue, players have been trying to catch every Pokemon, which is a daunting task, especially with new creatures added daily.

Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced Shiny Pokemon, which made things more challenging. Due to this, all pocket monsters had an alternate coloring that was more scarce, adding to the difficulty of catching them all. Gen 9 is just around the corner, and many gamers are dreaming up their coloring schemes for the newly announced Pokemon.

YzziB, a Redditor who goes by the name Lizzie, shared some Shiny versions of some Pokemon that have been announced for Scarlet and Violet. Quality was drawn in similar colors to its official artwork, except its white feathers were gray. Red coloring on the stomach patch of Fuecoco was made brown, and the sprouts on its head were turned orange. Despite pink facial markings, ears, and collar, Sprigatito was essentially the same color.

The three Pokemon Lechonk, Smoliv, and Pawmi were also shared by YzziB in Shiny forms. Redditor changed Lechonk's color to pink and its snout to brown. Smolin's body was painted black, while its leaves were painted yellow. In addition, Pawmi's cheeks were changed from yellow to pink instead of orange.

It seems like yzziB's Shiny variants have attracted some fans. Users particularly liked the colorings for Smoliv, Fuecoco, and Lechon. According to one commenter, Lizzie is probably fairly accurate, although Quaxly may have purple where blue is when compared to past Water-type starters. Lechon, however, was a favorite.

There was also a Redditor named its esprit who posted Shiny versions of Scarlet and Violet's starters. In Sprigatito's case, everything was pink except for the facial markings, ears, and collar, which were a darker shade. Fuoco was also changed to yellow, but the Fire-type's stomach patch and toes were black. Despite the color differences in its beak and eyes, Quaxly remained very similar to its original design.