title iconOpen beta codes for multiverses twitch: how to get them early

This is a really exciting game that anyone can enjoy. Super Smash Bros. is very similar to this game. This is the Ultimate, except instead of whacky video game lineups like Sora vs. Link, Warner Bros. has mashed up Batman with Shaggy Rogers and Bugs Bunny with Superman. WB Interactive and Player First Games are collaborating on a free-to-play fighting game called MultiVersus. Batman, Shaggy Rogers, Bugs Bunny, and many more characters from the WB universe appear in the game. 

New players can get early access to MultiVersus open beta via Twitch Drops starting on 26th July 2022. There's no need to worry if you're interested in trying this new brawler early. Our guide explains how to get early access to MultiVersus open beta via Twitch Drops. To get early access to Multiversus open beta on any platform, players will have to follow a few steps. It's not as time-consuming or complicated as it appears at first glance.