title iconOverwatch Tournament takes flak after Blizzard pissed off esports players

In response to a controversial situation that occurred while the winners' bracket was still in play, the protest was held. The Polish-German representative of Munich eSports, Jacob "choose" Bronder, wrote to the Overwatch Contenders organizers regarding Blizzard's unusual decision on July 27, the day before the duel between Munich eSports and 01 Esports. A best of seven formats was announced to players, which means the team that wins four games wins.

Under current tournament rules, the bracket finals a. winner's finals should be played in a best-of-five format. Players would have to play to four victories only in the grand finals. Further, administrators initially provided contradictory information to players One of the administrators confirmed to Choose that the best-of-seven format would be used in the match against 01 Esports. Similar information was received by the opposing team.

As the match began, 01 Esports found itself in a very unfavorable position. In the first three duels, the opponents prevailed, but on the next two maps, the team beat Munich eSports players, gaining a chance to reverse

the situation  Suddenly, Overwatch Contenders administrators intervened, announcing that Munich eSports had won the match. What is the reason? It would have been better if the duel had been played as a best-of-five match. There was a typo in the "bo7" information on the website, and the organizers couldn't reach the main administrator.

Due to this, the other administrators were tasked with answering players' questions and making decisions about the tournament on their own. It is for this reason that there has been so much confusion. It is easy to imagine how frustrated the Saudi Arabian team must have felt.

It's not just a matter of fitness that makes the difference between three and four wins. The number of games needed to win a match can influence participants' strategies, including putting their opponents to sleep and testing their habits to suddenly implement a new one.

Source: gamepressure.