title iconPlay PS5 and PS4 games for free on July 2022: PS Plus free games reveal

PlayStation Plus memberships have changed into tiers now, which might seem confusing, but Sony's good news is that every tier offers free games each month no matter what tier you choose. Furthermore, those games have continued to be high-quality even after all these years. Members of PS Plus will be able to download Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, and Arcadegeddon for free on their PlayStation 4s in July 2022.

In addition to the PS4 versions of Crash 4 and Man of Medan, there is a PS5 version as well. The next-generation consoles allow gamers to choose the version of the games that they would like to download based on their console type. It's important to know that, to access the free PS4 and PS5 games, you'll need to subscribe to a PlayStation Plus Essential plan or at least the PlayStation Plus Premium plan. The cost of PS Plus Essential is $9.99 per month, the cost of PS Plus Extra is $14.99 per month, and the cost of PS Plus Premium is $17.99 per month.

From Friday, July 5 to Monday, August 1, all three of these games will be available to download for free from the PlayStation Store. It is important to note that to take advantage of these offers, you must be a member of PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium. The free monthly games cannot be accessed until you resubscribe to PlayStation Plus, your subscription expiration will result in you no longer having access to them. Additionally, do not forget to take advantage of the free monthly games from June, which will continue to be accessible until it's time for the new monthly titles. Don't forget to add them to your library once you have gotten them.