title iconPlayers of the Elden Ring are confused by Ranni's spectral face

Upon seeing a second spectral face hovering above Ranni the Witch's head, some Elden Ring players wonder if it was always there.In the beautiful open world known as the Lands Between, FromSoftware's Elden Ring has definitely established itself as a candidate for game of the year. In addition to the engaging mechanics, vibrant world, and dynamic cast of characters, Elden Ring's fans have been raving about it for years.

Elden Ring's Ranni the Witch is one of his most popular and beloved characters. The Dark Moon Greatsword, one of the most powerful weapons available in the game and across all of FromSoftware's major releases, is obtained by completing a quest line with Ranni. She is the daughter of Radagon and Rennala, both of whom are bosses in the game.

While paultheboot is less interested in the lore surrounding Ranni the Witch, he is fascinated by the spectral face that hovers next to her real face. This ghostly face is being seen for the first time by Paultheboot, who wonders if it was recently inserted into the game since they've never seen it before. However, scores of players have assured them that the spectral face has always existed.

It makes sense that not everyone will notice every little detail in Elden Ring at the same time - the game is massive, with so many characters, assets, and settings that it makes sense that not everyone will notice everything at the same time. In addition to the main quest line, Elden Ring offers so many activities and other things to do that players spend hundreds of hours completing everything they can. Every day, players come across secrets, puzzles, and other mysteries in the Lands Between.

Like Elden Ring itself, the lore behind it is vast and filled with twists and turns. It's possible that Ranni's spectral face is also an explanation for the writers' love of cyclical storylines along with George R. R. Martin. Marika's father, Radagon, departs and becomes Ranni's consort.

When Ranni's diminutive doll body is left behind and she regains her full-sized body, she thanks the player and informs them that they are now her consort. A spectral visage could be Ranni's true self occupying the doll's body.Elden Ring's lore is just one more piece of the puzzle that players are still trying to solve together. To this day, Ranni the Witch remains a mysterious element of that puzzle that confuses and fascinates players.