title iconPoster of Missing Persons Found by a Genshin Impact Player in a Ridiculous Location

In a far-flung location, away from normal townspeople, Genshin Impact players find missing person posters. Traveler, the protagonist of Genshin Impact, is seeking to reunite with his or her missing sibling.

Several missing person posters have been put up in major cities including Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor to find clues about the sibling. Some of these posters may be useless since they're out of reach of ordinary Genshin Impact NPCs.

Travelers seek out their siblings continuously, making Fatui Harbingers a recurring threat to the known world. Despite appearing friendly at times in Genshin Impact's main story, the Fatui Harbingers have many dangerous intentions.

Other characters, such as La Signora, remained hostile to the Traveler in almost every encounter. As the Traveler continues to pursue the truth about the organization and the ancient world, he discovers a connection between his sibling and the Fatu.

Many missing person posters are displayed on the walls of buildings in Mondstadt, but some are out of reach for most residents. On Monday, Reddit user u/Joantheunicorn5 discovered posters of missing people on the walls of Genshin Impact's Mondstadt Cathedral, The Knights of Favonius protect this area, which is run by the Church of Favonius. In light of Amber's inability to see the posters, the user wonders why she would place them near the top of the Mondstadt Cathedral.

In Genshin Impact, Amber represents the Knights of Favonius, and she enjoys gliding across Mondstadt. Dedicated to protecting Mondstadt, Amber fulfills her duties with diligence. Amber helps the Traveler with missing person matters by placing posters throughout Ronstadt. The posters were placed on the rooftops of the Mondstadt Cathedral during the process.

She gets carried away by her responsibilities and places a lot of effort into her duties. Those posters may prove helpful in the future if they are found in areas where there is constant activity, such as Mondstadt's market district. The world of Genshin Impact continues to wonder about the secluded posters placed in these areas.

While the posters may help discover the Traveler's sibling, many more clues will likely be found in the pursuit of Fatui Harbingers. Genshin Impact version 3.0 may provide more information about Fatui's motives and the Traveler's sibling.