title iconPS Plus Extra subscribers can sort games based on review scores, price, and more with this helpful website

PS Plus Extra subscribers can sort games by reviewing scores and prices on a helpful website.In its three tiers, Essential, Extra, and Premium, PlayStation Plus offers a vast selection of games. There is an extensive PlayStation library as well as third-party titles that could be difficult for some players to navigate. Thanks to a helpful website, PS Plus's large number of games can be sorted using a new tool.

As a result of the launch of the new PS Plus tiers, the PS Plus game library grew exponentially. A number of classic PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable games are available to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. PS Now integrates the cloud streaming services of PlayStation Now. Additionally, these classic games can be played on PC via cloud streaming. Subscribers to PS Plus can try out hundreds of games every month, and there are new ones added every week.

With the help of Plat Prices, you can sort through nearly 400 PS Plus Extra games by a variety of categories. Users can sort these games alphabetically, by review scores, price, active discounts, difficulty, completion time, and release date. Reviews are aggregated through OpenCritic for Plat Prices. Plat Prices also display the remaining time for a particular game's discount. Prices for PS Plus and sale prices are tracked on the website.

Each game's description on Plat Prices is identical to its description on the PS Store. In addition, users can add individual games to a wishlist or list them in their personal library of owned games. Hide options are also available for users who are disinterested in a game. Amazon links are provided for each PlayStation game in Plat Prices in case you are interested in buying a physical copy.

The sheer amount of games offered by PS Plus Extra and Premium may overwhelm some subscribers, but Plat Prices offers a convenient solution through web browsers. Users can also track prices and discounts on the website, making it easy to determine the best price for a game. Completionists and trophy hunters will have no trouble finding their next potential game through Plat Prices.

Playstation could learn a lot from Plat Prices in terms of improving its own tools within the PS Store. PS Plus continues to add new games every month, potentially hurting the visibility of older games. It is recommended that PlayStation improves its own sorting functions to make PS Plus games more discoverable on PS4 and PS5.

Source :gamerant