title iconSquishmallows with Pokemon on them revealed

As part of its partnership with Squishmallows, Pokemon Company will offer a new line of adorable, huggable plush toys. It has been known for decades that the Pokemon Company has made many marketing partnerships, including product tie-ins featuring Pikachu. Pokemon plushies, however, are largely manufactured in-house. There are hundreds of Pokemon plushies available on the official Pokemon Center website. Even so, The Pokemon Company won't let it stop it from participating in a trend. It was announced today that Pokemon and the incredibly popular Jazwares Squishmallows line of plushes have announced a new partnership.

Squishmallows announced its partnership with Pokemonhoto of the booth and revealed two display pedestals with the new Pokemon Squishmallows under glass cases. Squishmallows are first given to Pikachu, of course. As a big surprise, the second Pokemon choice is the Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar.

Plushies with an egg-like shape, Squishmallows are marketed as "super soft" and ideal for cuddling. Fans of Pokemon will enjoy the Pikachu plush, which brings back memories of the game's early days when it seemed particularly chubby and cute. Pikachu's ears and tail continue to stand out, as fans would expect. Despite being a surprising pick, Gengar is an excellent choice due to its round shape. Besides its spiky ears and hair, the plushie also has some character.

According to Margolin, this is "Wave 1" of the Pokemon and Squishmallows partnership. It may disappoint some that the collaboration is starting with only two plushies given their near certainty of popularity, but clarifying that this is just the beginning should alleviate any worries. It seems that Wave 2 is in the works, but when it will arrive and how many new Pokemon plushies it will contain will be revealed later.

Some Pokemon fans might worry that there will only be a limited quantity of Pokemon Squishmallows available. Margolin wrote that the team is working to make sure every Pokemon fan who wants a Squishmallows plushie can obtain one. It is unclear whether that means the plushies will be readily available at launch or restocked frequently, but this shouldn't be a limited edition.

It is expected that the Pokemon and Squishmallows collaboration will launch in the fall. A more specific date has not yet been announced, but fans should expect more information soon. They won't be exclusive to SDCC or anything like that, as they aren't available yet. On the Pokemon Center website, you'll be able to purchase the Pokemon Squishmallows, just like other Pokemon plushies.