title iconThe best-augmented reality experiences in Call of Duty: Mobile

With Call of Duty: Mobile, the CoD experience has been brought to mobile devices around the world. In addition to its signature weapons and maps, the game features some of the franchise's most iconic game modes.

AR or assault rifles are not only among the most widely used and versatile weapons in the original Call of Duty series, but they are also among the most varied, with over 20 different types. All the options can make experimenting with them overwhelming. We've put together a list of games we think you'll like to make it easier for you.

Despite its clunky appearance, the Man-O-War's built-in accuracy, range, and superior damage make it well worth the low fire rate. As a result of its damage output, the Man-O-War has a much lower time-to-kill requirement than other ARs, and by attaching the Strike Foregrip, the vertical recoil issue can be resolved.

The popularity and viability of the DR-H are directly related to its damage. There is no other AR with a higher damage rating at long range and exceptional recoil control. You can take down your opponents before they even reach you with this gun if you're a reliable aimer.

ASM10 is a weapon with exceptional accuracy and damage capabilities. Its burst fires at higher accuracy for the first three rounds, making it a good choice for new players who are still getting Adapted to the target. It can also be made almost unstoppable from range by adding attachments like the Long Shot perk and the Strike Foregrip.

Featuring a suppressor, the AS VAL produces high damage but manageable recoil. Aiming down sights is also quite fast with this gun, even without attachments. To improve your range and extend your mag, you should spend your attachment slots on them.