title iconThe Elden Ring Player is incredibly lucky in this clip

Elden Ring player shows off a video clip showing him being chased by enemies and surviving the situation by pure luck. This year, Elden Ring has been one of the most popular games despite being extremely challenging.

The Lands Between has seen many players die repeatedly, resulting in the game being overscreened multiple times. The bosses and enemies in Elden Ring are relentless, and they do their best to send gamers to their deaths.

Even though Elden Ring is hard, luck can sometimes help players out of tough situations. Whether it's getting the lucky last hit on a boss or tough enemies dying Despite unfortunate deaths, some gamers can get through tough situations by catching a break. RNG can help them escape a stressful moment and win at the same time.

A Reddit user known as OnyxCoast uploaded a video showing them live to be fortunate. The clip shows the user running into a tower while being chased by a dog and two of Elden Ring's Cleanrot Knights.

To avoid enemies, the player pulls the lever that summons the elevator and hides in the back of the tower. He jumps on and presses the button that makes the elevator go up when the elevator finally comes down.

As it rises, the gamer jumps off, causing the dog and a Cleanout Knight to fall. Other foes continuously cast spells that push them forward until eventually, they fall down the elevator as well. The only reason OnyxCoast survived was that it had one extremely lucky moment without actually being attacked.

With over 1,000 upvotes, OnyxCoast's moment of fortune in Elden Ring has garnered several fans. A commenter complimented OnyxCoast's jumps, to which the gamer stated that it always feels good to survive scenarios where you expect to die, even by accident.

One user said the video demonstrated multiple maidens having behavior, while another said it was the best laugh they had all day. In FromSoftware's RPG, OnyxCoast is one of many who make it through due to luck. Reddit user DiscoAlchemist posted a clip showing Elden Rings live because of good RNG.

The video shows DiscoAlchemist fighting a Cleanrot Knight and being impaled by its spear. During the game, the enemy lifts the player and throws them over a ledge. However, the user survives by landing on a well-placed tree instead of falling to their death. Is an example of a gamer living when they should have died, especially in a title notorious for sending players to their deaths automatically.


Source: Gamerant