title iconThe Elden Ring Player takes out an opponent in PvP with a single hit

In Elden Ring's online mode, one player shares a video as they defeat an opponent with just one strike. It is among the most challenging games, and Elden Ring is known for its extreme difficulty. In this FromSoftware title, gamers are challenged by numerous formidable bosses.

Many players have spent hundreds of hours trying to beat bosses like Melania, who is considered the hardest in Elden Ring. The gamer Let Me Solo Her, on the other hand, is famous for defeating Melania over a thousand times.

In addition, fans can test their skills against other players in the game's player-versus-player mode, where some players are just as dangerous as AI foes like Melania. There are three modes for players to choose from direct combat, invasion of another player's world, or cooperative battles. The Elden Ring player applied several buffs and still lost almost instantly in a PvP fight, despite his elaborate methods.

An Elden Ring player uploaded a video to Reddit showing a huge skill gap when playing the game. Reddit user Daddy_Gwyn shared a clip of their adventures in the PvP multiplayer mode on the social media platform.

Recusants attack the user in the video, but the user retreats and moves away from the attacks. A massive greatsword is then used by Daddy_Gwyn when they wait for a rival to approach them. A single attack from the Giant Hunt skill is all it takes for the original poster to take down the attacker.

The video also shows two similar instances in which Daddy_Gwyn uses different Elden Ring skills to take out the same opponent in single hits. In the following two instances, the user uses Flaming Strike and Claw Flick skills to defeat their rival. As expected, the post received widespread appreciation.

The Reddit community, as Over 9000 upvotes and hundreds of comments have been left, with an upvote ratio of 98 percent. Commenters praised the original poster's playing ability and criticized the opponent's poor gameplay decisions.

The pizza cutter weapon is the preferred weapon of Daddy_Gwyn, who wields dual weapons. Gamers have used Ghiza's Wheel to butter Melania and other hard-to-beat bosses, and it is among the most highly coveted items in Elden Ring.