title iconThe Fortnite Crash Pad Unvaulted: How They Work and Where To Get Them

Epic continues to add non-stop quests, map changes, and items to keep players busy during Fortnite's No Sweat Summer Event. A fan-favorite utility item, the Crash Pad, has been unvalued to add to the fun this week. Let's take a look at Crash Pads and how you can get your hands on one.

The crash pad is a mobility item that can be found almost anywhere--on the ground, inside chests, or when you open supply drops. A crash pad has a few different uses, but the most obvious one is to help you reach new heights quickly. To quickly take the high ground or engage whoever is occupying the roof, you can throw it on the ground near a structure.

The second way you can protect yourself when you fall from heights that may cause damage or death is to throw a Crash Pad directly below you. By doing this, you will simply land on the Crash Pad and bounce off. Don't be surprised if someone shoots your Crash Pad to force you to stay on the ground, since a Crash Pad can be deflated rather easily.

Also, keep in mind that throwing a new crash pad too close to an existing pad will destroy it. Get your No Sweat Summer Quests completed and see what Fortnite Crew Members have been up to this month while you're doing your No Sweat Summer Quests.