title iconThe League of Legends turret bug has finally been discovered after days of searching

League of Legends champions who laning know that their tower is their safe space - it's their home base where they can withdraw aggressive enemies and fight for their minions if CSing is not successful. Even though getting loved underneath your turret is something that happens quite often, you are usually able to survive it with some clever movement and good technical knowledge.

Nonetheless, it has come to light recently that your turret might not have been as safe as you once thought, as YouTube content creator Vandiril explains in this post about your turret. For turrets to function, each successive hit on a hero's side is supposed to result in increased damage values, all the way up to 120%, when multiple hits are made on the same champion.

The recent discovery shows that the turret damage is limited to 40%, meaning that the enemy can withstand more shots and you are left waiting to respawn in the fountain wondering what exactly went wrong.

There are several examples of this bug that Vandiril gives, showing screenshots of an esports match that happened this week in which a Fiora dives under the enemy's top lane turret, takes more shots than she would normally be able to take, and still walks away with her life. The issue has not been cleared up by Riot, which has been accused of questioning the integrity of the matches played under the current circumstances.

In 2020, it was discovered that the red team's cannon minions had a shorter attack range than those on the blue side, and this was not the first time that a bug had affected core gameplay on the Rift, as it was found in 2020 that the red team's minions had a shorter attack range than the blue team's.

Incredibly, this flaw had reportedly been lurking in the code of a game for over 10 years, and it was only uncovered after the diligent work of a Reddit user exposed the flaw.

Riot has acknowledged the current problem with the turrets and has promised to implement a solution as soon as possible. While the issue appears to still be present as of the latest Patch 12.15 for League of Legends and the latest PBE patch, the issue appears to be fixed.