title iconThe new clone of Call of Duty's character has fans up in arms

New modes and items are often introduced to "Call of Duty" games to keep players interested. New operator skins, especially those that are more fantastical than the average "Call of Duty" fare, are an excellent way of keeping the game fresh for players. "Call of Duty: Vanguard" started slowly, but eventually found its place among the wide array of war-related games. The publisher of the game, Activision, sometimes makes decisions that baffle fans.

One artist claims that the company used their artwork without permission to create the game's latest operator skin. The "Floof Fury" Tracer Pack includes a new operator skin. There would be a new operator skin - an anthropomorphized Samoyed - as well as weapons, abilities, and trinkets included in the bundle. After a viral artist's plagiarism accusations went viral, the advertisements and previews were quickly removed.

There is still footage on "Call of Duty" news sites detailing what "Floof Fury" would have included. As of now, the pack has disappeared from the internet, which was scheduled to be removed on Aug. 3. On social media, the artist who created the skin provided more context for the removal.

It's not hard to see why Saillin accused Activision of plagiarizing his work - although it's not hard to see their reasoning - for a project featuring a variety of dog breeds as "Call of Duty" operators. A Samoyed soldier was among the anthropomorphized animals included in Saillin's Monster Army project, which also included red pandas and polar bears. Guns and "Call of Duty"-style gear were seen on all of the animals in the project.

Over two years ago, Saillin posted their first entry in the series, a Doberman Pinscher wielding a gun. As they pointed out in their tweet addressed to Activision, Saillin found out their work had been plagiarized when the skin was announced, just like the rest of the world. While I am also a COD player, I am very disappointed to see my work plagiarized by a big company like Activision. Activision was contacted in an attempt to work out an agreement, but the artists noted that "as an individual artist, I can only do so much, so I need to speak out about this to prevent this from happening again."

The "Floof Fury" bundle was also compared side-by-side with Saillin's design. "Floof Fury" also included a scarf similar to Saillin's original design, as well as a pouch, gun strap, elbow guard, and clothing almost identical to Saillin's. There was very little difference between the two designs, especially when comparing images side by side.

source: SVG