title iconThe new Fortnite vibe is No Sweat Summer

It's Fortnite's latest activity, No Sweat Summer, which offers a fortnight's worth of silly content. Now live, the event introduces fresh challenges, new quests, and exciting map updates until the 9th of August.

In this case, the gimmick is that you are part of the street team of No Sweat Insurance Company. In the quests and challenges, players will place advertisements, secure sponsorships, and even help rebuild the Tilted Towers. It is the responsibility of No Sweat to repair the heinous damage caused by the players in the universe.

Another Fortnite news update revealed the popular shooter is considering a first-person mode. Is Fortnite on your mind right now? In general, how do you feel about the No Sweat Summer event and the current season, Vibin'? In the comments section, don't forget to bring sunscreen.