title iconThe North American version of 'League Of Legends' is currently down for maintenance

According to Riot Games' tweet last night, the developer would be conducting extended maintenance on League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in North America, confirming that players will not be able to play either game until the work is complete. In its announcement, Riot Games didn't explain why it is taking so long to perform maintenance on its North American servers. Instead, it just mentioned that it was "improved gameplay."

The League of Legends subreddit, however, has been buzzing with speculation that it may be because of the significant lag spikes they're experiencing recently. Others claim that for the past few days the Application-Programming Interface, an in-game feature that tracks player statistics, has been producing inaccurate information.

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There have been many latency swings in TFT [TeamFight Tactics] recently, according to one player playing on the West Coast of North America, while another said the dragon re-roll rate has risen from 5 percent to 30 percent by level size due to a game-breaking bug. They added that their friends played a few games yesterday and were "overrun with abusers."

Despite the reported issues, Riot has yet to comment, although there is a possibility it will release a post once the maintenance is over that details what's changed. As for Marvel's Spider-Man PC, a new patch addressed several bugs, but some issues persist, including the inability to take pictures of the Empire State Building, which halts progress.