title iconThe Reaver Episode 5 bundle is now available in VALORANT

In the in-game store, the new Reaver bundle for VALORANT Episode Five has now gone live. A new bundle has replaced Run It Back Two as the featured bundle in the store, officially named Reaver Episode Five. The collection will be available for purchase until Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 8 a.m. CT.

There are exactly 7,100 VALORANT points required to purchase Reaver Episode Five. In this bundle, you will find Reaver skins for the Phantom, the Odin, the Spectre, and the Ghost pistol. In addition, it includes a Reaver Episode Five Karambit knife, an animated Reaver spray, a Reaver player card, and two Reaver gun buddies.

The listing indicates you will save 5,525 VALORANT points if you buy all the items as a bundle instead of individually. In addition to the traditional Reaver color variants, all Reaver gun skins are upgradeable upgrades In addition to VFX, animation, and finishing, the Karambit also includes the color variants and the VFX upgrade.

The VALIANT points purchase page may time out if you attempt to buy the bundle immediately after it goes live. It costs roughly $70 to purchase the full bundle of points. Check your favorite pro player's Twitter account since they probably do a "like and RT" giveaway if you don't have the money for it.