title iconThe Skull and Bones' UI resembles the Elden Ring meme, according to fans

In the months following the game's launch earlier this year, there were a number of praises for the minimalistic user interface used in Elden Ring. The developers of Ubisoft, a company best known for making its own open-world games, were a little less than pleased with the idea of the Elden Ring HUD, so artists began mocking up what it would look like under the watchful eye of the French company. Unsurprisingly, memes featuring screenshots from Skull and Bones and intelligible icons began to flood the internet as a consequence of this surprise announcement. It does not come as a surprise that the memes resurfaced not too long after Ubisoft released the first gameplay footage of the game. The minimalist HUD of Elden Ring was a big hit with players. A stream showcasing gameplay for Skull and Bones was announced by Ubisoft on July 7. After viewing the stream, viewers noticed the clutter immediately.

A plethora of icons and written instructions cover every corner of the screen, with the design of the top half of the Skull and Bones UI looking especially cluttered and unorganized given the density of information packed into a few thick black bars. A recent meme that made the rounds on social media like Twitter quickly drew the attention of fans. There is a possibility that Skull and Bones' HUD may not represent what the final version will look like since the game is still a work-in-progress. Players may be able to customize Skull and Bones' user interface according to their preferences by using the Exploration Modes in Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Valhalla. However, Ubisoft Singapore has not confirmed if such customization options will be available on the new IP.