title iconThe twin-stick shooter 'Aniquilation' combines Mario Galaxy and Rocket League (with guns

Played Super Mario Galaxy and enjoyed the spherical planets? With Aniquilation, which launches in the Switch eShop on July 27, you can transform them into battlegrounds. With Aniquilation, you can transform them into battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are a reality with Aniquilation in the switch eShop.battlegrounds.Colombian developer R-Next's first game, a three-dimensional spacecraft-based shooter, promises to be much more than a relaxing galaxy-hopping game. In the above PC trailer, you can see the frantic shooting and spacecraft movement create a frenetic style of gameplay where anything can be turned into a weapon.

Defend the Base and Contagion are two of Aniquilation's great couch co-op missions, which are sure to ignite younger sibling rivalries as you crash, smash, and shoot your way through the onslaught of ships. Rocket League fans may also be interested in alternative game modes, such as a football-based mode that lets them kick about on the surface of their planet environments. It wasn't on our bingo cards that Mario Galaxy and Rocket League met, but we were intrigued nonetheless.

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Here is the official blurb for the game, but you can get an idea of how hectic it promises to be by looking at the screenshots below! Discover the ultimate weapon, the Aniquilation, to solve a mystery that nearly led to the extinction of your world by terraforming planets, upgrading your ship, and finding the ultimate weapon, the Aniquilation. Rather than exploring planets, Aniquilation appears to be all about exploiting them! Ever played football on the moon or exploded a space mountain? It could be your lucky day.